• Does quarantine get you down? 

    Are you excited for Spring?


    Here is a fun idea I put together to get people out, exploring the environment, learning about local plants, and getting a little technology usage in there.  Plus, it can be a friendly challenge or more competitive depending on how seriously you want to take it. 


    It is a scavenger hunt that will change weekly depending on the different species currently in bloom.  Certain species may seem familiar to you, some may not!  I see all of them on my daily walks with my dog and figured why not get some people to learn about these local flowers. 


    Here’s the challenge: 

    1. Get the weekly list of plants and adhere to the strict deadline for submission
    2. Go out and find the plants! Some are found in gardens, some in the middle of your lawn, some in a wooded area, that’s part of the challenge! Some are rarer, some are very common, hence different point values.
    3. Take a picture of each plant in flower, it must be in flower unless mentioned, not budding, but actual flower (please don’t “Google” images, but rather add a little spice to your walks and actually find them!). Here is a big hint, if it is in flower now, it’s probably on the list to the best of my ability. 
    4. Put the pictures in a PowerPoint or Google Slideshow. Make sure the first slide is how you want to be named on the leaderboard.  If it’s an individual or a family, let me know! Each plant needs a slide and a title of the plant species and email or share it with Jmaloney@neshaminy.org
    5. I will “grade” the submissions and produce a weekly leaderboard. It is my intention for it to be a friendly competition between siblings, families, or event kids and parents.
    6. We will see how long this continues on for! I will try to get out a weekly list of plants on Fridays in the future, with a submission time of Sunday evenings around 8:00 pm, this week is a little different.  



    Week 1 - Submission Deadline 3/26 @ 8:00pm - List of Plants here

    Week 2 - Submission Deadline 3/29 @ 8:00 pm - List of Plants here