From a Playwickian interview:
    Mrs. Thomas began teaching at Neshaminy High School in 1995.  She received her Bachelor of Science degree and Master of Science degree in Special Education from West Chester University.  According to Mrs. Thomas, five words that best describe her are: dedicated, endearing, enthusiastic, patient and witty.  But most of all, Mrs. Thomas is extremely family oriented. She has a 13-year-old son named Weston.  She also has two dogs named Walter and Blue.  Outside of school, Mrs. Thomas spends time outdoors on most days with her family.  She enjoys spending time with friends, biking, yoga, and traveling during the summer months.  Mrs. Thomas loves to read and feels that "a good book could change a person's life forever" and this is why English is her favorite subject.  Some advice for high school student would be, “to keep your priorities in order, trust a teacher, and remember that this is just a dry run before you enter the world outside these walls!"
    Have an awesome year!