•  12th Grade English                                                                

    Dear famlies and students,

    Welcome to 12th grade English and to the 2018-2019 school year at Neshaminy High School! I am excited about the opportunity to get to know you, and I am looking forward to a happy and productive school year. 

    Course Overview
    Twelfth grade English class is a wonderful opportunity for students to grow as responsible and knowledgeable individuals.  It is imperative that students remain focused, motivated and determined throughout the course of the year in order to experience success.  We will be studying many types of literature this year, including novels, short stories, plays, and poetry.  We will also be working extensively on developing fundamental writing and vocabulary skills.

                Required Materials-Students are required to bring the following to class daily:

                three ring English binder with 5 dividers

    • loose leaf paper (in binder)

    • folder (writing portfolio I will supply)

    • writing utensils


      Make Up Work/ Absences
      A student who is absent for an excused reason will be given one day to make up work for each day he or she was absent.  It is the responsibility of the student who was absent to obtain materials and information that were missed. I will have a folder for each day of the week.  In the folders will be the student’s make-up assignments.  Also, please use the class calendar located on the school’s webpage under my name to keep up with missed work.

      Each assignment will be worth a specific amount of points.  Students may divide the total number of points earned by the total number of possible points in order to gain a better understanding of his or her grade throughout a marking period.  Students and parents/guardians may also gain accessibility to grades and completion of assignments through E-School’s home access center.


      Students will be evaluated on the following:

      Homework: reading, questions, projects, essays, etc.

      Classwork: prepared and participates in discussions, works positively in groups, completes daily journals, Achieve 3000, and puts effort into in-class assignments, etc.

      Writing:  timed writings, literature analysis essays, research paper, journals

      Tests/ Quizzes:  reading checks, quizzes and unit tests

      Projects: in-class or at home assignments

      Rules and Procedures

    • I have a few classroom rules and procedures that should be followed in order to allow for the best use of class time:

      1.  Please be in your seat before the bell rings at the beginning and at the end of class.  All book bags, purses, etc. are not allowed on desks.

      2.  Absolutely no cellphones, iPods, or any other electronic devices including ear buds/headphones are allowed to be on or visible in the classroom.  If you choose not to place any of these items in the specified area of the classroom and if any of these devices are seen or heard, the high school handbook policy will be followed.

      3.  Treat everyone, including yourself, with respect.  You deserve to be treated as the wonderful person you are and so does everyone else around you.  Pay compliments when you feel they are deserved and speak to everyone around you in a kind manner.

      4.  Work hard!  I believe that hard work pays off.  If you put 100% of your effort into anything you do for this class, I guarantee you will do well.  If you ever feel yourself becoming frustrated or confused, it is your responsibility to see me.  I will do whatever I can to help… that is my job!  Again, if you concentrate and decide to do well… you will!

      5.  Students will be given a different colored bathroom pass for each month.  The student must have this pass with him or her in class for me to sign in order to use the lavatory.  When leaving the classroom, you must still sign out and sign back in to the room.  Failure to do this puts you and me in potential question.

      Contact Information

      If any family member would like to reach me in order to discuss a student’s progress, I can be reached by calling the English Department at (215) 809-6687.  My email address is
      athomas@neshaminy.org  I believe that parents and teachers should work as a team to ensure students are receiving the best education possible.

      I am asking that both the student and parent\guardian sign this letter and return this portion to me as an agreement in order to make the school year the best it can be. 





      Once again, welcome to 12th grade English and Neshaminy High School!  Let’s work together to make this a great year!



      Abbee Thomas