• Weekly Schedule:  1/29-1/30

    Monday, Jaunary 29:  Macbeth Lesson 13

    Tuesday, January 30:   12 Grade Seminar Speaker



    Weekly Schedule:  1/22-1/26

    Monday, Jaunary 22:  Macbeth Lesson 8

    Tuesday, January 23:   Macbeth Lesson 9

    Wednesday, January 24: Macbeth Lesson 10; Vocabulary List 8 Vocabulary List 8

    Thursday, January 25:  Macbeth Lesson 11

    Friday, January 26:  Macbeth Lesson 12


    Weekly Schedule:  1/16-1/19

    Tuesday, January 16:   Macbeth Act 1 Review Activity; Vocab 7  Vocab 7

    Wednesday, January 17: Macbeth Lesson 5

    Thursday, January 18:  Macbeth Lesson 6

    Friday, January 19:  Macbeth Lesson 7; Vocab 7 Definitions due


    Weekly Schedule:  1/8-1/12

    Monday, Jaunary 8:  Shakespeare powerpoint, begin Macbeth Lesson 1

    Tuesday, January 9:   Macbeth Lesson1  Vocab List 6 definitions due

    Wednesday, January 10: Macbeth Lesson 2

    Thursday, January 11:  Macbeth Lesson 3

    Friday, January 12:  Macbeth Lesson 4; Vocab 6 quiz/practice worksheet due



    Weekly Schedule:  1/2-1/5

    Tuesday, January 2:   Nearpod Activity, classwork response, Vocabulary 6 distributed  Vocab List 6

    Wednesday, January 3: Jigsaw Shakespeare Activity

    Thursday, January 4:  Snow Day

    Friday, January 5:  Snow Day

    Weekly Schedule:  12/18-12/21

    Monday, December 18:    Research Paper; Introduction and Conclusion Handouts

    Introduction and Conclusion Handouts

    Intro worksheet

    Tuesday, December 19:   Research Paper

    Wednesday, December 20: Research Paper 

    Thursday, December 21:  Research Paper Due Turn it in.com

    Weekly Schedule:  12/11-12/15

    Monday, December 11:    Source assignment part 1 due

    Source worksheet

    Paraphrasing and plagiarism powerpoint

    Tuesday, December 12:   Thesis due; part 2 source assignment due

    Thesis statement how to

    Thesis worksheet

    Thesis statement power point

    Wednesday, December 13: Subtopic 1 due

    Sub topic worksheet

    Thursday, December 14:  Subtopic 2 due

    Friday, December 15:  Subtopic 3 due; mla format reminder

    mla format reminders

    Weekly Schedule:  12/4-12/8

    Monday, December 4:    Introduction to Dante; Introduce Research Paper

    Tuesday, December 5:   Guest Speaker:  Culinary School

    Wednesday, December 6: Research Choosing a Topic and Formulating Questions worksheet; Distribute Research How-to Packets; Vocab 5 definitions due; Pentangle Due

    Thursday, December 7:  Research Begins!;  3 sources due

    Friday, December 8:  Vocabulary 5 quiz due; Research Continues; Topic and Formulating Questions Worksheet Due

    Weekly Schedule:  11/27-12/1

    Monday, November 27:    Arthur Group Project; Vocabulary Unit 5 Assigned

    Tuesday, November 28:   Arthur Group Project; Pentangle Assignment

    Wednesday, November 29: Arthur Group Project

    Thursday, November 30:  Arthur Group Project

    Friday, December 1:  Arthur Group Project Due

    Weekly Schedule:  11/20-11/21

    Monday, November 20:     Guest Speaker

    Tuesday, November 21:   Knight's Tale movie and worksheet; Vocabulary Unit 4 on-line quiz/practice worksheet due

    Weekly Schedule:  11/13-11/17

    Monday, November 13:     Benchmark; Vocabulary Unit 4

    Tuesday, November 14:   Knighthood activity worksheet

    Wednesday, November 15: A Knight's Tale

    Thursday, November 16:  Guest Speaker

    Friday, November 17:  A Knight's Tale; vocabulary Unit 4 definitions due

    Weekly Schedule:  11/06-11/10

    Monday, November 6:     Work on Power Point project

    Tuesday, November 7:   Election Day

    Wednesday, November 8: PowerPoint Presentations

    Thursday, November 9:  PowerPoint Presentations; Vocab 3 practice worksheet/quiz due

    Friday, November 10:  Veteran's Day

    Weekly Schedule:  10/30-11/03

    Monday, October 30:     Introduction to The Canterbury Tales

    Tuesday, October 31:   Satire; Halloween quizlet; work on Power Point project

    Wednesday, November 1: Background to Charucer Activity

    Thursday, November 2:  Work on Power Point project

    Friday, November 3:  Work on Power Point project


    Weekly Schedule:  10/23-10/27

    Monday, October 23:     The Seafarer, The Wanderer, The Wife's Lament

    Tuesday, October 24:   Work on epic poem

    Wednesday, October 25: Guest Speaker:  Army

    Thursday, October 26:  Work on Epic poem

    Friday, October 27:  Cell phone articles; anglo, vocab games


    Weekly Schedule:  10/16-10/20

    Monday, October 16:     Kennings, Beowulf:  The Death of Beowulf, Mourning Beowulf

    Tuesday, October 17:   Textual Analysis; Kennings

    Wednesday, October 18: Beowulf Project

    Thursday, October 19:  Beowulf Project

    Friday, October 20:  The Seafarer


    Weekly Schedule:  10/9-10/13

    Monday, October 9:   Note taking What is an Epic; Cultural Background Jigsaw Activity  

    Tuesday, October 10:   Cultural Background Jigsaw Activity;  Anglo Saxon Riddles

    Wednesday, October 11:  Vocabulary; Anglo Saxon Riddles

    Thursday, October 12:  Battle with Grendel, Grendel's Mother

    Friday, October 13:  Battle with Grendel's Mother, Beowulf's Last Battle



    Weekly Schedule:  10/2-10/6

    Monday, October 2:    Life After H.S. Essay; homework assigned (bring in a picture of a hero, due Wednesday); receive Vocabulary List 1

    Tuesday, October 3:  Life After H.S. Essay due in Turnitin; Guest Speaker in library (part of the senior seminar curriculum)  

    Wednesday, October 4:  Beowulf:  Essential Questions Chromebook Activity; Hero homework activity

    Thursday, October 5:  Beowulf:  Anticipation Guide, Note taking What is an Epic; Anglo Saxon Riddles

    Friday, October 6:  Beowulf:  Kennings, Cultural Background Jigsaw Activity


    Weekly Schedule:  9/25-9/29

    Monday, September 25:   Guest Speaker in library (part of the senior seminar curriculum)

    Tuesday, September 26:  Life After H.S. Essay (TLC-5):  Assignment sheets, Personal Inventory, Topic Sheet example, Topic Sheet Exercise (homework)

    Wednesday, September 27:  Life After H.S. Essay (TLC-5):  Introduction worksheet, Formal/Informal writing, Dos and Don'ts handout

    Thursday, September 28:  Life After H.S. Essay (TLC-5): Body Paragraph worksheet, Conclusion How-to

    Friday, September 29:  Squirt Day 2


    Weekly Schedule:  9/18-9/20

    Monday, September 18:  College/Career Research in the Learning Center

    Tuesday, September 19:  College/Career Research in the Learning Center

    Wednesday, September 20:  College/Career Research in the Learning Center


    Weekly Schedule:  9/11-9/15

    Monday, September 11:  Guest Speaker in library (part of the senior seminar curriculum)

    Tuesday, September 12:  Guest Speaker in library (part of the senior seminar curriculum)

    Wednesday, September 13:  Journal entry, Vision of Your Mind Assignment

    Thursday, September 14:  Journal entry, Snap Chat Assignment, class time to work on biographical poem, Vision of Your Mind assignment

    Friday, September 15:  Journal entry, class time to work on biographical poem, “Vision” assignment, Snap Chat assignment.  “Bio” poem and “Vision” assignment due by end of class.  Snap Chat due Monday, September 18.