• Neshaminy School Buses

    Transportation Department Bus Rules



    1. Observe the same conduct as in the classroom.
    2. Be courteous, use no profane language.
    3. Do not eat or drink on the bus.
    4. Keep the bus clean.
    5. Co-operate with the driver.
    6. No smoking or vaping on the bus.
    7. Do not damage buses or equipment.
    8. Stay in your seat.
    9. Keep head, hands and feet inside the bus.
    10. Do not fight, push or shove.
    11. Do not tamper with bus equipment.
    12. Do not bring pets on the bus.
    13. Do not bring flammable material on the bus.
    14. The bus driver is authorized to assign seats.
    15.  Have a safe trip!

    Be cautious of danger from passing cars when loading and unloading the school bus. Please show caution when in the danger zone of 10 feet around the bus.

    Most student accidents and injuries occur during loading and unloading of a school bus, not during the ride itself.  In order to insure the safety of your child, please make sure they are at the bus stop and ready to load.  We need your cooperation to insure the safety of your child with the following:

    For safety, please have your student in line ready to board the bus 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.  We ask that students remain at least 10 feet back from the curb.  When students are not at the bus stop on time and leave a car or home late, the danger is always there that the driver may not see them at the last minute and turn off their school lights -- creating the possibility that the student could be hit by a passing car.

    • For safety, we ask that your students board in an orderly manner.  When students push and shove it creates a potential for falling.
    • For safety, we ask that all items must be in a backpack so they do not become a hazard on the bus.  Flying or rolling objects endanger all students on the bus.
    • For safety, we ask that your students maintain classroom behavior on the bus so the driver is not distracted and can hear if there is an emergency.

    When you do not have your student at the stop and ready to board and the bus must wait for a student exiting their home or car at the last minute it creates a problem for the other parents and students at the remaining stops.  As a community we ask that all parents cooperate and make getting to school a positive experience.


    Thank you!