• Neshaminy School Buses

    Neshaminy Transportation Fast Facts


    • Neshaminy owns and operates its own fleet of 123 vehicles.
    • The fleet is equipped with GPS location and video cameras.
    • Neshaminy buses 8,500 Neshaminy students and 2,900 non-public school students for a total of 11,300 students transported daily to 105 schools in the Montgomery, Bucks and Philadelphia Counties and New Jersey.
    • Our fleet travels 1.5 million miles per year.
    • Our buses make over 2700 stops per day.
    • Our vehicles use nearly 200,000 gallons of fuel a year.

    Things you need to do to become a school bus driver:

    • Apply for a permit
    • Pass a physical
    • Attend 14 hours of classes
    • Minimum of 6 hours behind the wheel
    • Most are trained in approximately 20 hours
    • After training, visit the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Licensing Center to take a written test comprised of 120 questions