• Transportation Department Transportation Services

    I. Standards

    Transportation shall be furnished in accordance with the Public School Code (PL30), as amended, and Chapter 4 of the Regulations of the State Board of Education of Pennsylvania.

    II. Definitions

    A. Walking Distance

    1. The distance from the point on the parent’s property closest to the school to which the pupil has been assigned measured to the nearest point on the school property.

    2. Distance shall be measured over the most direct usable thoroughfare.

    3. Measurement shall be made by the Neshaminy School District Transportation Department, using an instrument designed to accurately measure distance in feet.

    B. Hazardous Walking Routes

    1. Suspected hazardous walking routes will be referred to the Director for review.  If warranted, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation will be asked to review the walking route and make a determination. The Board of School Directors will consider the recommendation and make a final determination.

    III. Eligibility for Transportation

    A.  State requirements are 2 miles for Secondary and 1 ½ miles for Elementary.

    B.  Neshaminy will provide the following:

    1. All children who reside more than one and one-quarter miles walking distance from the school to which they are assigned.

    2. All children who reside less than one and one-quarter miles walking distance from the school to which they are assigned, but who encounter hazardous conditions en route to school.

    C. Exceptions

    The walking distance may be increased by one-quarter mile if, in the judgment of the Transportation Department, the geographical layouts of the area or other factors make it practical to do so.

    IV. Technical School

    Transportation will be provided for all students assigned to the Bucks County Vocational-Technical School.

    V. Non-public School

    A. Transportation shall be provided to and from school for the regular school program for all resident students attending nonprofit, non-public schools as required by Act 372.

    B. Transportation shall be provided under the same standards and conditions established for the transportation of public school students.

    VI. After School Activity Buses

    Bus service will be provided for secondary school students who participate in after school activities.  In accordance to Neshaminy Policy.


    VIII. Schedules

    A. Bus schedules will be prepared annually by the Director.

    B. Bus schedules will be sent to schools for distribution to eligible students.
    • For the safety of all our students we can not discuss specific transportation over the phone. 
    • For the safety of all our students we can not change a student’s transportation over the phone. 
    • For the safety of students we will not give bus information of any type over the phone to anyone we will give it to the proper school authority for distribution.

    C. The Director may make changes to the schedule when deemed appropriate and shall promptly advise all persons concerned.

    VIII. After School Care

    A. Transportation will not be provided for after school care.

    B. If a parent requests a child to get off at any stop other than their place of residency, it must be on a bus which services that school and an existing stop on that run, provided there is capacity on that bus for extra students.