• Information Technology II

    Welcome to Information Technology 2.  This course is offered for college credits through our Dual Enrollment agreement with Gwynedd Mercy University!  Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity.

    Course Information

    In Info 2 we will be using MS Excel 2016 and MS Access 2016 in addition to MS Word 2016 when we integrate files.  In Excel we will complete and edit advanced Databases which will include lookups and validation, sorting/filtering and creating sophisticated multi-level reports.  We also create, format and edit high-level spreadsheets which include formulas containing absolute references, regular and nested IF statements, conditional formating, working with dates, V&H Lookups, pivot tables and charts, macros, tables and graphics.  We will use MS Word to integrate files using paste, paste special and paste link.

    All students will prepare for the Microsoft Certification Test throughout the year.  In the spring, students will have the opportunity to test and receive MS Excel Certification.

    A 5 week lesson in MS Access will also be taught.  Access is the #1 database software used in industry today. 

    Bring a pen or pencil every day along with a positive attitude.  Let's have a great year!

    GMETRIX INFORMATION--If anyone wants to work on the MOS practice, go to: gmetrix.net/download and follow the directions to download the practice software.  You will need to have MS Excel 2016.  You have your code on your phone.  


    Be safe and healthy!

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