• Accounting I

    Welcome to Accounting!! Here are the supplies needed for the school year:

    • Ruler
    • Calculator
    • 1 1/2" or larger 3-ring binder with 2 dividers (Used for Accounting only)
    • Pen AND pencil


    Let's have a great year!!!

    Course Outline:

    Course Information (PDF)

    Students will learn basic accounting principles used in the real world today.  We will start by keeping accounting records for a sole-proprietorship; including journalizing transactions into debit and credit parts, posting to ledgers, proving cash, finding errors, and completing financial statements.

    The second half will be to keep financial records for a corporation with many employess, record sales tax, returns, prove cash, post to ledger accounts. They will also learn how to determine and journalize payroll with federal withholding tax, FICA and Medicare.


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