• Our Art Program and PSSA Success

    It is my goal to educate the whole child with an enriched art program allowing students to succeed in all areas of life; not only now, but in the future as well.


    Effective Strategies used in the Art Room

    to Promote Student Achievement

    on the PSSA Exams


    * Prompting for Multi-task, process,

    and sequence understanding.

    * Constant queuing & repetition of skills.

    * Use of art vocabulary.

    * Student self-evaluations and grading through rubric.

    * Incorporating historical context as a basis for our projects.

    * High degree of emphasis placed on the value of practice.

    * Constant reinforcement of math applications such as:

    - fractions

    - measurements

    - patterns

    - form

    - multiplication

    - addition

    * Collaboration with grade level instructors to interconnect the art program with

    current classroom concepts.