The Neshaminy School District’s Office of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment establish the academic programs in our ten schools. Our academic programs provide rigorous instruction and address the state and national standards of excellence that meet each child’s developmental needs by offering a wide variety of K-12 learning opportunities.

    Neshaminy provides general and special education instruction, technology/family living instruction and other instructional programs that include summer programming and before and after school tutorial support. Our teachers engage students in active forms of instruction focused on meaningful curricular content using heterogeneous grouping strategies equipping students with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and dispositions valued for educational success. The traditional curricular content is supplemented with academic enrichment services, before and after school and summer supports as well as extended school year for special needs and English Language Acquisition students.

    Our K-12 academic programs are designed to meet the academic, social, emotional, and physical development of each child. We are a diverse and close-knit community of learners and educators who are committed to empowering each child to become a productive citizen and lifelong learner. The vast majority of our teaching faculty and administrators hold advanced degrees and regularly participate in professional development to keep abreast of the research on best practices in instruction.

    The academic programs in the elementary (K-4) and middle school (5-8) grades support early growth and development. This is accomplished through both structured and individualized learning experiences that promote effective habits of minds—skills, knowledge, and dispositions for educational success. The children in these grades are engaged in active learning environments that are learner-centered. Our instructional programs are inquiry-based with an emphasis on reading, writing, speaking, listening, and critical thinking across each content area. Technology is a tool that is integrated into all learning activities.

    Neshaminy students are offered a several pathways for success. The program of studies at Neshaminy High School (9-12) offers Advanced Placement (AP) and honors courses as well as a wide variety of electives. During their senior year, college-bound students are encouraged to enroll in a dual enrollment/high school enrichment program, a college immersion program that allows them to earn both high school and college credits. Career-bound students may either enroll in Bucks County Technical High School or participate in internships in Business and Allied Health Services. Our military-bound students are afforded opportunities to meet with recruiters from all of the armed services; the school counseling office serves as the liaison and coordinates the recruiters’ visits.

    We continuously strive to provide a learning environment that instills a love of learning and enhances children’s intellectual curiosity so that every child reaches his or her full potential in pursuit of a college, career or the military future. Our district’s culture fosters respect and care and honors individual differences.