Mrs. Robb-Lanciano has been teaching French at Neshaminy since 2004. Thanks to four semesters of study abroad, she received her B.A. in Spanish & French from the University of Pittsburgh in 2001. She has also obtained ESL certification from Duquesne University. Robb knew that she would become a teacher at the age of 17, when she was given the opportunity to live in a village in Costa Rica and teach English. There, she fell in love with the five year-old children that she taught at a local school. Robb's desire to teach was also sparked by her parents; they were both Neshaminy teachers, now retired.

    Robb's teaching role model is her father. "I really look up to my dad, he does a lot in the school," Robb said. Robb enjoys teaching for a number of reasons. She likes the fact that everyday is something new. In addition, Robb likes to interact with her students. "I love to share my experiences studying abroad. Parents should be warned that I hope to plant a little travel seed in their children," she laughs. It's true! 
    Below are just a few pictures from our most recent trip to France!

    pompidou louvre

    Mr. Robb showing off in our Art class! eiffel
    timetoreflect last night in nice