• All players (see below for exceptions) trying out for the above sports must complete the below by March 6th in order to tryout!


    Who needs to complete Part 1 and Part 2 below

    • Players who did not participle in a sport in the Fall or Winter.
    • Players who participated in a fall or winter sport but did not require concussion testing. (Cross Country, Golf, Girls Tennis, Track, Swimming and Bowling)


    Part 1 – Concussion Education

    Prior to taking  the Baseline Test, players must follow and complete the attached directions (Neshaminy Online CCET Program Directions), which walk them through completing 3 Modules, which are part of the mandatory concussion education.


    Part 2 – Concussion Education – Baseline/Impact Test

    **All testing will be done virtually

    • Follow the attached directions to complete the baseline test
      • Follow Directions – Use Chromebook
      • Complete and submit it.
      • All results will go directly to Justin and he will forward player lists to heads coaches of who have completed the testing.


    Concussion Testing Part 1

    Concussion Testing Part 2