• EasyBib Makes Life Better!

    EasyBib.com is a website that will make your researching experience a little more manageable than it would have been if you were in high school in the 80s. 

    When you have found a website, book, magazine, or other source you want to use in your paper, please go to
    EasyBib.com to create a Works Cited page.  This site will help you create a working Works Cited page.  Whenever you want to add a new source, you can follow the format on this site, and it will guide you through the process.  It even has a link to Google Docs, so you can upload your Works Cited page to your online files.

    This site also contains interactive guides for using in-text citations.  Click on the "Citation Guide" section for help with in-text parenthetical notation. 

    It's important to remember a few things while working:
    • This site will not do all the work for you, so it is important for you to know the important elements of your sources
    • Make sure you spend time finding reliable sources
    • Always include all the necessary info (or you will lose points)
    • Only include sources on your Works Cited page that you actually quote or paraphrase in your paper
    • Double check your info once you have created your Works Cited page
    • Avoid plagiarizing - it's not worth the risk!
    Trivia Question:
         What's the difference between cite and site?

       Site refers to a website on the Internet.
       Cite refers to when you use a citation (or cite) in your research paper (aka the works you cited).