Neshaminy High School


    Welcome to Calculus!


    I am looking forward to an exciting and productive year!  Our class will focus on a review of pre-calculus concepts the beginning of the first marking period followed by a study of limits, differentiation, and integration for the remainder of the school year. Please use the contact information at the bottom of this page if you have any concerns or questions.  I hope that the following information will give you an accurate overview of our class.

    ·         Our goal is to learn and understand the concepts that span approximately 5 chapters in our textbook.

    ·         Problem solving, analytical thinking peer tutoring, study techniques, notebook maintenance, and calculator usage are all elements I will incorporate into our curriculum.

    ·         Students are required to maintain a 3-ring binder divided into two sections, class notes, and homework/practice problems.

    ·         Students are required to have a calculator.  I recommend a graphing TI-84plus, TI-84plus CE calculator but a basic scientific calculator is enough.

    ·         Student grades will be determined using a total points earned/total possible points.

    ·         All class grades are posted on Home Access Center and updated weekly.  If your student does not have a reported grade (an empty box) the assignment or assessment has not been completed following an absence.

    ·         Our class uses CANVAS to interact, track assignments & due dates, access answer keys, class notes and resources.  If you would like to become a member use your student’s log-in information. 

    ·          Homework is assigned daily.  HOMEWORK IS an ESSENTIAL part of the learning process and gives students an opportunity for independent practice and self-evaluation.

    ·         Each student needs to take responsibility for making-up any work missed due to absence.  Class ATTENDANCE IS a NECESSARY ingredient for learning success.

    ·         Mid-marking period warning notices are sent out for students with an average grade of less than 70% (D or F).  Mid-marking period dates are the week of 10/3, 12/11, 2/27, & (5/1 seniors) 5/8.

    ·         Extra help is available in the school library with a math teacher Monday through Thursday 6:45 to 7:10 am and 2:30 to 4:00 pm.  I am available Monday and Thursday 2:15 until 3:00 in room F-112.


    We are halfway through the first marking period and before we know it June will be arriving.  This year’s students are fantastic and I know that I will enjoy working with them for the remainder of the school year. Thank you for taking the time to show support for my passion, education!

    If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


    Mary Beth Fellmeth

    Main Office (215)809-6100

    Email mfellmeth@neshaminy.org

    Website www.neshaminy.org