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    My goal as an instructional coach for grades 6-12 is to improve teaching practices and student outcomes. I work closely with teachers to provide personalized support, guidance, and professional development. By working in classrooms, offering constructive feedback, and modeling effective teaching strategies, I have the opportunity to help teachers enhance their instructional methods.


    As the lead Social Studies teacher K-12 in the Neshaminy School District, I oversee the development and implementation of the Social Studies curriculum across all grade levels. My role involves collaborating with teachers to design engaging, standards-aligned lessons that foster critical thinking and a deep understanding of history, geography, economics, and civics. I provide support through mentoring, professional development, and resource sharing to ensure that our educators have the tools they need to succeed. Additionally, I work with administrators to align our curriculum with district goals and state standards, ensuring a cohesive and comprehensive educational experience for all students. My mission is to inspire both teachers and students to appreciate the importance of Social Studies in understanding our world and shaping informed, active citizens.