12th grade English

    Mrs. Melissa Bauerle (Catrambone), the beloved 12th grade English teacher here at Neshaminy, began teaching in 2002.
    She started at Arcadia University after her twin sons were in the first grade.
    She now has her Master's from Arcadia and can not believe her sons are now grown.
    Although she taught in Philadelphia at Washington High School for a year, and she taught at Northeast High School,
    her first steady teaching career had not begun until she was
    offered a job at Neshaminy. “It was very different than the city which is what I’m used to,” Bauerle said of the school. “This was Suburbia. I didn’t think the things that
    happened in the city happened here,” she said, “but I learned that they do.”

    Apart from school life, Bauerle loves to spend time with her husband, her dog, and her family.

    Bauerle believes that each student should think for themselves,
     write from the heart, and learn to listen and speak without ignorance.
     She hopes to teach her students how to express themselves through writing.
     “If I can make a difference in one kid’s life, it would be worthwhile".
     Bauerle said that she was inspired by her old English teacher who encouraged her to write.

    A motto which Bauerle believes in strongly is, “remember and learn from the past, because it makes you who you are.”

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