Algebra 2
    2024 class advisor

    Mathematics is a widely used subject. Everyone needs to be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide in everyday life. Where would people be today without math teachers? Mrs. Winchester is just one of those math teachers. She teaches two different mathematics classes during the school day: Geometry and Algebra 2. Mrs. Winchester has been teaching since 1999. She has spent two years at Poquessing Middle School and past years at Neshaminy High. She graduated from Temple University with a Secondary Education Math Degree. "I like the kids. That's why I wanted to go into teaching," she stated. Winchester is a 1991 alumnus of Neshaminy. Her role models growing up were her Neshaminy Math teachers. She thought teaching would be a fun and rewarding experience, and that is why she went into teaching. "Don't give up," Winchester advice for students. Remember, no one would be anywhere without math teachers, so take Winchester's advice and never give up.