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    Today's Food

    Amid mixing bowls, and cooking utensils, Mrs. Krimstock, a veteran Family and Consumer Science teacher since 1970,
    teaches students the skills of culinary preparation. Influenced by her former high school foods teacher, Krimme, as the
    students refer to her, pursued her interests in textiles, decorating and cooking to attain her teaching degree from
    Drexel University. Her flexible style of teaching has endured many evolutions throughout the years. "You have to
    change with the times," Krimme said, "I am constantly looking for new and interesting ideas." Krimme believes that 
    Family and Consumer Science has great courses because they are hands on. "The subject matter has an extremely
    practical application. Everyone can participate, because FCS teaches life skills." she said.

    When she is not teaching, Krimme may be found spending time with her family, shopping and getting together with
    friends. Balancing the roles of teacher, friend, wife and mother, Krimme explains that her greatest accomplishment is
    her children. "I feel extremely fortunate to have stayed home with my children, and to have returned to the Neshaminy classroom." Krimme finishes by stating that Neshaminy is a wonderful school with a lot to offer. She
    advises students to take advantage of all the school's opportunities, because there is something here for
    everyone's interests. With an upbeat, and caring attitude, we are glad to have Krimme as a member of the
    Neshaminy family.