• PE Make-up dates will be posted on the Dept. Website when determined.

    2:35 in Fitness/Wellness Center


    Commonly Asked Questions:


    What classes must/may students make up?
    Students may/must make up PE classes that were missed due to absences from class.  (Examples: Absent from school, at guidance, at nurse, at office, serving suspensions, etc.)  


    How do I determine the number of classes that I must/need to make up? 

    1.     Check grades on "Home Access", determine your grade, determine the grade that you'd like to earn, and determine the number of "absent" classes that you may make up.

    2.     "Absence from class" will be recorded two ways...

      • "A" = (Absent) Students are permitted to accumulate (2) absences each marking period without a negative impact on grade.  The first (2) absences during each marking period will be indicated with an "A".  THESE CLASSES DO NOT NEED TO BE MADE UP!
      • "Blank space" = This indicates student was absent from class on this date and has accumulated more than (2) absences.  This "blank space" negatively impacts grade as a "0 out of 10 points for the date".  These "blank spaces" may be made up if student chooses to do so to improve marking period grade.

     ***Any other scores may NOT be made up.  For example...a score of a 0 out of 10 or a 7 out of 10 may NOT be made up and improved to a 10 out of 10.***


    • 2:30 - 5:00
    • After school busses are available @ 5:15
    • Students may provide own transportation home with note from guardian (present to teacher supervising make up session)
    • Meet in fitness/wellness room above gym 3
    • Students may make up up to FOUR PE class absences during ONE FULL MAKE UP SESSION (2:35 - 4:50), although students DO NOT need to stay for the entire make up session if they desire to make up less than the four classes.
      • 2:30 - 3:05 (1st make up)
      • 3:05 - 3:40 (2nd make up)
      • 3:40 - 4:15 (3rd make up)
      • 4:15 - 4:50 (4th make up)
    • Must wear appropriate attire for PE
    • Sign in with supervising teacher at the session