“A Perspective of Environment”


         In the “natural world” of environment, all living organisms reside in a specific place, with each species performing its specific functions, for a specific set of reasons. These reasons are interconnected to geographic location, geologic past and present, topographic features, climate patterns, and soil and water conditions. Besides the effect of natural events over time, such as volcanic activity, continental plate movements, “ice ages”, etc., that have been occurring throughout the earth’s 4.7 billion year history, the human species has been altering these conditions since the onset of civilization. In other words, we have been interrupting the intricate mechanisms that have maintained the “balance of life” in nature.

         Therefore, the essence of today’s environmental concerns, especially with the intensity we have been altering the “balance” since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, is an apparent need to educate the masses toward awareness and understanding of the ecological complexities at work in our fragile planet’s ecosphere.


    M.S. Bernarsky

    September 2003

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    Summer Assignment-
    It is highly recommended that you read/ view the following resources prior to the Tuesday after Labor Day-
    Diversity of Life by Edward O. Wilson
    (We will be referencing this text in class during the first and second marking period.)
    Ishmael by Daniel Quinn
    (Fictional story that connects environmental issues with human revolutions. Will be referencing during the first and third marking periods.)
    The Inconvenient Truth-Movie Narrated by Vice President Al Gore
    (Documentary that shares predictions that have come true! Referenced all marking periods!)
    I look forward to meeting everyone on Thursday! Until then get outside!
    Optional: As part of the course, you will be responsible to know the common trees of Pennsylvania and wintering birds. We will study these in class. However, it would be a great exercise for you to begin learning this information over the summer (OPTIONAL!) If you have any questions regarding Tree or bird identification, please do not hesitate to contact me!