Intro to child Development and Parenting
    This FCS elective explores the physical, intellectual, emotional and social growth and development of children from infancy through preschool and offers experiences rich in hands - on activities, observations, and innovative projects.  Topics covered include:  Caregiving, Types of Early Childhood Programs, The Early Child Devevelopmental Theorists, Multiple Intelligences, Early Brain Development, Effective Parenting Techniques, Parenting Simulation, Issues surrounding Teen Pregnancy and teen relationships, Prenatal Development,Preparation for birth and the Baby's arrival, Creating a Safe and Healthy environment, Selecting toys and equipment, nutritious meals and snacks and guiding children with special needs. 
    Students will build the knowledge ans skills necessary to transition tinto the next level in our Preschool laboratory.  This course provides the formal child-care education hours required for the C.D.A. Ready certification


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