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    Mr. Petrucci has been teaching at Neshaminy High School since 2002. After earning his degree at the University of Scranton, Petrucci served in the army for 21 years. A few years ago he decided to pursue teaching, a career he had been interested in since graduating high school. "I wanted to have some kind of positive impact on young adults," Petrucci said. Petrucci can still remember a particular teacher from high school. The way he taught and took care of his students inspired him. "I was a pretty average student, I didn't get into too much trouble." Nowadays, Petrucci says the most challenging aspect about his job is getting students to learn and completely understand the lessons he teaches. What Petrucci likes most is seeing young students develop into adults. His favorite memory at Neshaminy so far is graduation day, seeing his students receive their diplomas. Petrucci offers his words of wisdom to Neshaminy students. "Try to identify what you want to do early in life, so you can develop a plan to achieve it." Petrucci resides in the Neshaminy School district with his wife and two daughters.