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    Mr. Oppenheimer is no stranger to teaching. Starting at Penn State University as a teacher assistant in college, then went on to Gwynedd Mercy College for his undergraduate degree. Teaching at Neshaminy since 1998, Oppenheimer (or otherwise known as Opp to the student body) has been a vital part to the physics and chemistry departments. He decided go into the field of science after he went through many different decisions as to what to do in life. Writing and being a novelist, as well as going to medical school and becoming to doctor were among some of his choices. Eventually, he decided to become a teacher in the sciences because he thought it would be the most fun and had the most potential to be the most flexible. To Opp, students and laughing are the best parts of teaching. Other than educating, his hobbies include ultimate Frisbee, playing his guitar and reading a lot of Kurt Vonnegut. "Remember that graduation is called commencement and commencement means beginning. Too many students see graduation as the end," Opp said. "With all of life's experiences, good or bad, you really have no other choice but to try and enjoy it. Enjoy it, though you may have to try harder during the rough times."