Mr. Nichols is an unusual teacher. He goes that extra mile to make a student laugh, and really reach them on a personal level. Nichols teaches western civ, and coaches the football and track at Neshaminy High School. He has been teaching for the district since 1997. Nichols grew up in Levittown, PA. While growing up he looked up to his father, "Its because he was always taller than me" he joked. Nichols always wanted to be a teacher, his inspiration were teachers and coaches he has encountered. "They had a big impact on my life" he said. Nichols went on to get his teaching degree at Ursinus College. He loves Neshaminy High School. His favorite part is "June" he said. On a more serious note, he likes seeing the kids go through the same things he did, and tries to make sure they do not repeat his mistakes. Nichols teaches lessons in school, as well as in life.  He is married to a wonderful music teacher and has two great daughters, Arden and Rylan.