Science 2023-24


    Hi! Welcome to my "teacher bio" page! I will not be using this website during the school year; instead, I'll use Canvas for updating students/parents and HAC for grading, but there are usually lots of hits on this page in August when, presumably, students/parents are trying to get the scoop on their new teachers, so here goes...

    I've been teaching 9th grade science, chemistry, and physics at Neshaminy High School since the 2008/09 school year.
    Since I've been at the high school, I've taught Integrated Science, Foundations of Chemistry, "College Prep" Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, "College Prep" Physics, and Honors Physics.
    I like to think of myself as an understanding and reasonable guy, but I hope to expect a lot from my students (I aim for the tough, but fair kind of teacher).
    If you see my name on your schedule for Chemistry, I'm excited to be back after a one-year hiatus. Neither Foundations Chem or Chem I will be super math-heavy, but we'll do our fair share of it for sure. Chemistry will require less (but still some) memorization than Biology. If you hated Biology (like I did), that certainly doesn't mean you'll hate Chem (I hope!). 
    If you see me for Physics I, welcome! In Physics I, you should expect a fairly math-heavy introduction to physics. We'll cover all the topics you'd see in a college-level physics I class and about half of the topics you'll see in physics II. It'll be a bunch of algebra, some fun labs, and a lot of numbers. I'll be the after-school physics helper in the library from 2:30 - 4:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so help will be available.
    Aside from teaching, my wife, Rachael, and I have three pretty small boys. As I type this, our oldest, Sam is 6, our middleman, Rhett is 5, and our youngest, Ben, is 4. Aside from keeping up with the boys, I enjoy spending time with Rachael (as you'd hope, right?), traveling (although, that has super slowed down lately, haha), reading (currently reading book 2 from the Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu), watching movies/TV, listening to music (think 88.5 WXPN kinda stuff), and hanging with friends/family. If you ask Rach, I'm way too invested in sports (Dodgers, Packers, Celtics, and Flyers). I live in Churchville and, if you're reading this in August, there's a pretty good chance that I'm prepping for some fantasy football drafts at this very moment! I graduated from Neshaminy a looooong while back and I'm a Penn State (undergrad) and Temple (grad) alum. Also, my brother is a Guidance Counselor here! He's great!


    This past summer has been pretty low-key for us, I've spent most of my time just hanging with the family, we took a couple of pretty modest trips, and I tutored SAT Math at Y2 Academy over by H-Mart.