Well known for his upbeat energy and teaching style, science teacher Eric Horchheimer has worked at Neshaminy High School since 1998. His college career began at Bucks County Community College; he then went on to pursue teaching at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Horchheimer teaches three different science classes including college prep chemistry, honors chemistry, and earth and space science. Horchheimer says he has always had a passion for science. Although he was not exactly ready for the true depths of it during his high school years, he continued working towards his passion. It was during field research in college when Horchheimer decided he wanted to pass his knowledge on. "I realized I enjoyed helping kids understand the world of science," he said. At the moment, Horchheimer is working towards his masters of education. He would like to finish his degree in geology with hopes of also attaining a Ph.D. concentrating on hydrology or meteorology. A particularly proud moment for Horchheimer was his graduation from IUP, "I was the only person in my family, at the time, to finish college, and I graduated with honors." Horchheimer said it was something he could take full credit for because he did it on his own. As for role models, Horchheimer doesn't have to go far. "I look up to my own fellow teachers...especially [Brian] Suter. He has a real interesting way of conveying his information. I also look up to him just because he's taller than me," Horchheimer said with a laugh. Aside from science Horchheimer also enjoys playing video games, "I'm going to be honest," he said, "video games are my addiction." In addition, he likes automotive work, reading and writing. Horchheimer's only advice for students at Neshaminy is "not to take things so seriously...take time to relax and step back. You're still in high school!"