11th Grade:
    Contemp. US and World History
    12th Grade:
    Current Issues

    Mr. Greenberg teaches 12th grade Psychology, Civics/Economics and Current Issues along with 11th grade Contemporary US and World History at Neshaminy High School. When he had Mr. Holland as his social studies teacher in 11th grade, Greenberg realized how much he wanted to be a teacher. A teacher since 1998, Greenberg can honestly say that he still loves teaching. "The students are always teaching me something new as I'm also teaching them. So, you're never too old to learn," Greenberg said. Greenberg's mother has inspired him the most. "Watching my mother fulfill her dreams was inspirational to me. She didn't go to college after high school, so as a child, I watched her go to college, have a career, and still take care of the family," Greenberg stated. Greenberg received his Bachelors degree at Penn State University, and his Masters at Holy Family College. Greenberg thoroughly enjoys teaching seniors, "I feel like I relate well to them." A big part of Greenberg's teaching philosophy is centered on making students want to learn. "I have to create the desire to want to learn and then I can teach you anything," Greenberg said regarding his philosophy. Greenberg's smiling face will surely been seen throughout the halls of Neshaminy for many years to come. He will continue to influence and expose his students to his philosophy on teaching, and his great attitude on life.