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    Computer -Aided-Drafting

    "Your high school years will fly by." Work hard, get the best grades you can and get involved in school activities." "This will prepare you for whatever you do after high school," wise words of advice given by, Technology Education teacher, Timothy Doyle. Hailing originally from Pasadena, California, Doyle then moved to Levittown and grew up there. Doyle currently has been teaching at Neshaminy High for 20 years, and is a Neshaminy graduate. Doyle attended college at Colorado State University, where he received his Bachelor of Science degree. He later went back to Temple University and earned his Masters degree in Educational Psychology. In addition to teaching, Doyle worked for about eight years in the commercial construction field doing mostly retail planning. The Technology Education program consists of many different areas of study. Doyle currently teaches, Computer-Aided-Drafting. Doyle describes the above classes as "hands on, creative and fun." Doyle's family life consists of a wife, and two children. Doyle's strong family orientated life aides with his exceptional, kind teaching skills. Doyle enjoys camping, hiking, biking, kayaking, and skiing with his family. As many students may wonder, what is your ideal student? Doyle attacks the question, intelligently, "My idea of an ideal student is one who does their best in all of their classes and works to the best of their ability." To conclude, if you have an interest in Technology Education, Doyle's classes offer brilliant information, and "hands on" experiences. Having fun, and learning at the same time is Doyle's top priority.