• Hello Parents,

         Your son or daughter is currently enrolled in my Chemistry class. 

         I make every effort to teach the material in a way that is understandable.  However, the subject matter of chemistry is very spatial and I find students struggling at times.  I am usually available after classes on most days and always available in the library Monday and Wednesday after school.  BUT STUDENTS MUST REQUEST HELP.  I have supplied the students with my e-mail address jbodri@neshaminy.org, so I may be contacted if questions come up.  Please feel free to use this to contact me as well.  There is no excuse for the students not to get help.

         A note book is an essential tool.  They will be taking many notes and I do give handouts that need to be used to do some of the work in class.  It is imperative that they have easy access to these forms, so an organized notebook is the tool of choice

         There is also a lab component to this course.  We meet once a 6-day cycle.  They are to be appropriately dressed (closed toed shoes, long pants and short sleeved shirts) on those days.  Students who are not, will be accommodated but with consequences.  They can explain.  My main concern in lab is their safety. 

         Every lab will have a report due approximately three days after their lab day, which will account for 30% of their grade.  Please make sure your child is doing their reports.  They are to be done on computers.

         In addition your child will need a calculator.  We do a tremendous amount of calculations from time to time.  A scientific calculator is preferable but not necessary.  If you so desire, a TI-84 is the best purchase for any science beyond this class.

        Students should have their textbook at home for homework.  They should be reading the current chapter we are in.  It is always posted on the website under homework, as well as other assignments and lab due dates and test/quiz dates.  There is a link to the textbook online on my school website.  I also publish my notes online and keep a running tab of all assignments.



     Thank you for your assistance,

     Mr. Bodri