physical education and health

    When the words "Safety first!" ring through the gymnasium everyone knows it's David Coll. Coll has been teaching physical education and health for 25 years and wouldn't have it any other way. Coll said, "I wanted to teach because of the students. Physical education and health was what I wanted to teach because I like all sorts of activity." Coll's love of activity and adventure is shown through what he calls his greatest accomplishment, standing at the summit of Mount Rainier. Coll also said that if he had not decided to teach that he probably would have hosted an outdoor adventure show. Coll is a graduate of Pennridge High School and West Chester University. When asked if Coll had any goals set for the year he simply replied, "Yeah, to be a better teacher." This teacher has not a single regret in life and says that he has no time to. According to Coll, "life is an adventure," and he does not seem eager to miss out on it.