• My Philosophy of Education

    I believe…

    Each student is a valuable and special individual who is worth my total dedication and respect.

    Every child is a fertile ground for growth and knowledge and it is my duty to provide a safe environment and educational experience which is conducive to such social and academic developments.

    I must provide opportunities for students to participate in decision-making tasks which will equip them with the necessary skills for problem solving in all aspects of their lives.

    Open communication among parents, teachers, students and administration is a vital component in student achievement.

    I must be as compassionate and understanding as possible in situations involving human values.

    I must display by example what each student should demand from his/her self as far as personal goal achievement, self-respect and motivation.

    I should be aware at all times that I am a role model in my community and my behavior may be emulated by my students.

    I must be loyal to my profession by providing respected and effective leadership which inspires lifelong learning.

    I should continually be involved in advocating for the academic and social needs of my students.
    I shall remain committed to furthering my education so that I may gain knowledge as well as add knowledge to the field of education.