Mr. Bader is a chemistry teacher here at Neshaminy High School. He currently teaches Chemistry I and Honors Chemistry.  Mr. Bader began teaching at Neshaminy in 2002. In addition to teaching chemistry every year, Mr. Bader has also taught Biology and Environmental Science at Neshaminy. Mr. Bader previously taught at Bishop Conwell  and Conwell Egan for 11 years. At Conwell Egan, Mr. Bader taught AP Chemistry and Honors Chemistry for seven years. He has a BA in Biology from Holy Family College, and a MS in Chemical Education from the University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Bader chose to become a teacher because he taught a chemistry class in college and found that he was very good at teaching, so he got a full time teaching job and he has enjoyed his profession ever since. Outside of school he enjoys traveling, biking, working on his computer, hiking, going to the gym, and reading eastern philosophy. 
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