• Journals 
    Each journal entry must be at least 100 words, unless otherwise stated. Your grade is based on the following: 1) staying on topic, 2) writing the minimum number of words, and 3) completing the journals on time. Most journals should be finished in class. If you are absent, you are responsible to make up the journals missed during your absence.
    1) 1/3/13 What does it mean to communicate?
    Freedom Writers Journals: 
    1) 11/26/12 "Life imitates art" (50). Apply this quotation from Freedom Writers to your own life.
     2) 11/30/12 Response to movie
    3) 12/5/12 Apply Miep Geis's quote to your own life: "We can all turn on a small light in a dark room."
    4) 12/6/12 What does Freedom Writers represent? Can this be achieved at Neshaminy? Explain.
    5) 12/7/12 "We are all of us up against something." Apply this to your life experience.
    1)  11/7/12   Your groups. What "groups" are you a member of? Why are you a member of these 
    2)  11/7/12   Your reaction to today's readings, pp. 11-19
    3)  11/8/12   Activities, hobbies and interests that keep you out of trouble
    4)  11/9/12   Second chances. Write about a time that you or someone you know received a second chance, an
                         opportunity to make better decisions.
     5)  11/9/12  Your reaction to the readings from 11/8 and 11/9.
    6)  11/14/12   What challenges does a teacher face when confronted by a classroom full of reluctant students? How can the teacher get the students to become contributing members of the class
    7) 11/14/12   Response to today's readings
    Journals Graded