-Junior currently enrolled in level III or IV Honors with intent to continue to level IV Honors or V Advanced Placement respectivley at Neshaminy High School.

     -Senior enrolled in Level IV  or V  at Neshaminy High School.

    -Seniors enrolled in Intermediate Spanish at BCCC .


    -A- average in ALL LEVELS


    -A-average for the 1st and 2nd   Marking Periods  of grades 11 and 12. 



    -No grade(marking period, final exam, year) lower than B-



    -Must maintain an A- average, with no grade lower than B-, to maintain membership and to qualify for recognition at graduation.


    -Must complete 10 hours of WL related service to school or community.






    DUE March 6, 2020




    WL Honor Society application to print


    Below is the link for the recording in your application