Tryout Information for 2024

  • When: March 4, 2024
    Time: 2:30pm
    Where: Multipurpose turf field
    In order to try out for the Neshaminy Boys Lacrosse team in the Spring of 2024 you must complete the following items:
    1. Family ID Sign-Up
    2. Physical CIPPE Form
    3. Concussion Education/Baseline Testing
    1. Family ID Athletic Registration (Family ID)The registration window for Spring Sports 2024 is now open: 
    2. PIAA Physical Form - Players must submit the PIAA Physical Form before try-outs:
      • Have the appropriate person(s) complete the first six sections of the PIAA CIPPE Form within this online registration.
      • Section 7 physical evaluation must be filled out by an Authorized Medical Examiner (AME) and uploaded to the appropriate section of this online registration. Section 7 is the only page you need to upload. A hard copy must be given to your coach on the first day of tryouts.
      • NOTE: If you participated in a Fall and/or a Winter Sport and turned in a Physical form dated after June 1, 2023, you ONLY need to complete Section 8 of the PIAA CIPPE Form, and turn it into your coach in order to try out
    3. Concussion Education/Baseline Testing
      • There are two parts of the concussion education and baseline testing that must be completed in order to try out.  The directions and links to both parts can be found below. The baseline/impact test is a virtual format and a Chromebook should be used for the test. Any athletes that played in a fall or winter sport that required this testing do not need to complete it again.
    Equipment - All players will be issued a team helmet. Other than helmets, players will be asked to try out with their own equipment.  However, if anyone does not have their own equipment, protective gear (gloves, arm pads, shoulder pads) will be provided for them on the day of tryout in the locker room area. Please Note: Lacrosse Sticks are a personal item and are not provided