Dr. Gail Park-- Literacy Coach


    Professional Goals:  


    Collaborate with teachers on lessons, activities, and instruction.


    Provide teachers with resources to support the curriculum and the Common Core


    Facilitate literacy skills and strategies while working with students and classroom 
    teaching, co-teaching, providing resources, and modeling lesson


    Evaluating data to improve instruction and develop lessons and units


    Discussing and applying relevant research to improve students' comprehension
    and to reinforce 
    reading and writing strategies


    Provide students and teachers support with differentiated reading programs: Achieve 3000


    Develop, assess, and evaluate student assessments


    Educational Background:                                                                               


    Temple University-- Bachelors in English Secondary Education             (1985-1989)

    Rider University-- Masters in Education concentration in Reading          (1989-1993)

    Rider University-- Supervisor Course work for certification                   (1993- 1995)

    Widener University-- Doctorate in Education concentration in  Reading  (1995 - 2000)



    Professional Background:

    English teacher in the Neshaminy School District since 1989

    Primarily taught American Literature: 11th grade
    Additional grade levels taught: 9th and 10th

             In addition, my experience ranges from ELL, Foundations,   
             College Preparatory, to
             Furthermore, I held the Literacy Coach position in the past,   
             from 2004-2007,
    when state funding existed.




    Dr Park book pic  

    I'm not under the illusion that the schools alone can change society. However, I can reaffirm the belief uttered so many years ago: We teachers of language and literature have a crucial role to play as educators and citizens. We phrase our
    goals as fostering the growth of the capacity for personally meaningful, self-critical literary experience. The educational process that achieves this aim most effectively will serve a broader purpose, the nurturing of men and women capable of building a fully democratic society.


    from "Retrospect" by Louise Rosenblatt, found in Transactions with Literature: A Fifty-year Perspective




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