• Student Schedules on Home Access


    When will student schedules be available? 
    Student schedules will be available on Home Access beginning the afternoon of August 25, 2021.  Students will receive a copy of their schedule in First Period on the first day of school.
    How do I access the Home Access Portal?

    If you have already registered for Home Access and know your ID and Password, you can access the Home Access Portal via the NHS Website at www.neshaminy.org/nhs  Left Side “Home Access” Link

    How do I register for the Home Access Portal?

    Parents can register for the Home Access Portal by completing the form available on the NHS Website at www.neshaminy.org/nhs.  Please fax or deliver the completed form to NHS.

    You will receive ID and Password information via US Mail in a few weeks.

    What if something is missing from the Schedule?
    Examples of Omissions: 

            A required course such as Math, English, Science, Social Studies, PE, or Health is missing.

            The Schedule does not contain at least seven courses.

    Parents should call the NHS Guidance Department at 215-809-6101. 

    What if there is an Error on the Schedule?

    Examples of Errors:

            More than one course in the same content area was scheduled

            A Course on the Schedule is different than the Courses listed on March/April Request Verification Letter

    Parents should call the NHS Guidance Department at 215-809-6101 

    What if my parents and I would like to change the level of an English, Math, Science or Social Studies course?

    Parents should call the NHS Guidance Department at 215-809-6101.

    What if I didn’t get my first choice of electives and I was scheduled for an alternative choice?

    Please do not call NHS Guidance.  Though disappointing, the schedule is complete.  Students should schedule an appointment with their Guidance Counselor in September

    What if I changed my mind and would like to change an elective?

    Please do not call NHS Guidance.  We staffed and scheduled based on students’ choices in April. 

    What if I want to switch my lunch to be with my friends?
             Sorry but no.

    Will student schedules change prior to the start of school?

    As we continue to refine room assignments, staff schedules and class size balances, a small number of student schedules could be adjusted.  These changes mostly involve when and where classes are scheduled. 

    What is the "7th Major" in Period 9/10?
    NHS has only 8 Periods.  Lines 9 and 10 on the paper schedule are for internal scheduling purposes only. 
    Why do I have a class in Period 9 on Home Access?
    Unfortunately, Home Access numbers the schedule beginning with Homeroom as Period 1.  Therefore, all the periods are off by one.  Period 9 on Home Access is really Period 8 at NHS.