Monitoring of  ELLs


Monitoring of ELLs after language instructional program exit
     Monitoring is required for two years after a student exits an ESL/Bilingual program

     and appropriate records of student progress must be maintained. 

     20 U.S.C. § 6841(a)(4)
     • Monitoring may include any or all of the following:
          – Periodic review of grades
          – Local assessments
          – Required state assessments
          – Teacher observation
     • Teachers may offer support to monitored students as they would for any

       student seeking additional assistance with classroom work, instruction, or

     • Monitoring is NOT an extension of the language instructional program.
     • Students who are monitored CANNOT be counted as ELLs in any state or

       federal data collection systems for the purpose of acquiring state or

       federal funding.


Monitoring guidance and forms can be found on the PDE website.|4974|