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Student of the Month

Neshaminy High School’s Student of the Month Program

The purpose of the program is to recognize students who exemplify the expectations of character for students at Neshaminy High School. Students are nominated as a Student of the Month for any of the following and will hopefully demonstrate all the following strongly: Academics, School Spirit, Respectful Behavior, Generosity, Dedication to NHS, Noticeable Improvement and/or Resiliency in the face of Adversity.

Our February recipients were nominated by staff members in the Health/Physical Education and Science Departments and were recognized with a ceremony and breakfast with their parents on 3/10/23.


A big shout out to Julia Mochol & Sean Tracchi from our Yearbook Staff for capturing some great photos!

Congratulations to the following Students:

Health/Physical Education                                                           Science

Chase Bonner                                                                                    Vladyslava Halakhova

Annie Quinn                                                                                       Richard Esher

Reese Zemitis                                                                                    Madison Stout

Beck Miatselitsa                                                                               Michael Morrow


Feasterville Rotary

Emily Long

Left to Right: State Representative Joe Hogan, Beck Miatselitsa, Michael Morrow, Richard Esher, Annie Quinn, Chase Bonner, Madison Stout, Principal Stephen Garstka, Vladyslava Halakhova, Reese Zemitis, Emily Long and Senator Frank Farry.

Emily Long  sponsored by Ms. Hindle

Vladyslava Halakhova sponsored by Ms. Clemens

Richard Esher sponsored by Mr. DeLosAngeles

Madison Stout sponsored by Ms. Clemens & Ms. Stetz

Beck Miatselitsa sponsored by Ms. Clemens & Mr. Oppenheimer

Chase Bonner sponsored by Mr. Cleale

Annie Quinn sponsored by Mr. Van Reed


Reese Zemitis sponsored by Ms. Johnson-Smith

Michael Morrow sponsored by Mr. Toner


January Students of the Month

Calista Cofield                                                   Cathlene Chatham

Nicholas Conrey                                               Jackson Schwartz

Manha Mohammed                                        Madison Duckenfield

Kassidy Giangrante                                          Joshua Dutra

Colin Cloud – Langhorne Rotary



Left to Right: Jackson Schwartz, Colin Cloud, Manha Mohammed, Calista Cofield, Principal Stephen Garstka, Madison Duckenfield, Joshua Dutra, Cathlene Chatham, Nicholas Conrey, Representative Joe Hogan, Kassidy Giangrante and Alumnus Senator Frank Farry. 




December Students of the Month

Arthur Regan                                                                     Paige Mitchell

T’yanna Blackshear                                                          Ryley Davies

Lola Ibarrondo                                                                  Riley McGrath

Jason Reut                                                                          Maggie Burns 

Olivia Garland – Feasterville Rotary



Left to Right: Alumnus Senator Frank Farry, Paige Mitchell, Riley McGrath, Ryley Davies, Jason Reut, Arthur Regan, Lola Ibarrondo, T’yanna Blackshear, Olivia Garland and Principal Mr. Stephen Garstka


November Students of the Month

Anishah Rajeshkumar                                                    Benjamin Peysakhov

Samantha Lugo                                                                 Alannah Tiedeman

Demacio Cooper                                                              Christopher Lewis

Logan Robinson                                                                Maxamillion DiFrancesco

Rachel Stilwell – Langhorne Rotary


Left to Right: Alumnus Senator-Elect Frank Farry, Demacio Cooper, Alannah Tiedemann, Christopher Lewis, Anishah Rajeshkumar, Benjamin Peysakhov, Rachel Stilwell, Logan Robinson, Samantha Lugo, Maxamillion DiFrancesco, and Principal Mr. Stephen Garstka


October Students of the Month

Logan Anthony                                                                 Alex Dewhirst

Hayden Solomon                                                              Lorali Minde

Miriam Cakir                                                                      Gianna Loram

Tara Bogansky                                                                   Andrew Neiman

                                                                        Elvis Chen – Feasterville Rotary


Left to Right: Alumnus State Representative Frank Farry, Elvis Chen, Andrew Neiman, Gianna Loram, Alex Dewhirst, Logan Anthony, Miriam Cakir, Lorali Minde, Hayden Solomon, Tara Bogansky, Principal Stephen Garstka 


September Students of the Month

Ilysia Krzywonos                                                               Sylvianna Colon

Michael Somogyi                                                              Aishani Komath

Jaclyn Oseredzuk                                                             Artem Strelkov

Jonatan Lopez                                                                   Maksim Lokhmatov

Left to Right: Alumnus State Representative Frank Farry, Jonatan Lopez, Maksim Lokhmoatov, Aishani Komath, Sylvianna Colon, Artem Strelkov, Ilysia Krzywonos, Michael Somogyi, Jaclyn Oseredzuk, Principal Steve Garstka