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    Neshaminy School District is a community that cares about students' health and welfare and looks to provide a safe, caring, supportive environment for students to achieve their highest potential in all areas of learning.  Student Assistance's role in this mission is to help break down barriers to education in the areas of academics, behavior, health and attendance.  We will support efforts by teachers, parents, students, and the community that will help each student attain their maximum potential. 

    If there are concerns about any barriers to a student's education, a formal referral can be made to the appropriate school's Student Assistance Program (SAP in secondary schools and ESAP in elementary schools), starting a process of information gathering, brainstorming of ideas and implementation of strategies that will hopefully clear the way for the student to learn.  Team members include the principal, the guidance counselor, the reading specialist, the nurse, and classroom teachers, a community counsultant, and, of course, the student and parents.  The most success is seen when a united effort is put forth.

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Last Modified on May 3, 2017