Covid-19 Policy

  • Covid-19  Policy

    Fortunately, golf is pretty well suited to social distancing and most of the guidelines set up by the golf course will be within the PIAA and Neshaminy guidelines.


           Neshaminy Covid-19 Guidelines

    1. There will be no sharing of personal equipment
    2. Students will be required to bring their own hydration drinks, the container should be marked with the student’s name
    3. A mask will be worn by coaches/directors (who are within 6ft of students), students will also wear mask during non-exuberant activities, when students arrive on campus and being pre-assessed by an adult, they should also be masked.


           Pre-Screening Process; All students will be pre-screened at home and again prior to practice; any student symptomatic during the at-home screening should not to attend practice, if during the pre-screening process at school or if the student becomes ill during the practice the student will be excluded and sent home.


    Fever (100.4 or>) or Chills, Cough, Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

    Fatigue, Muscle or body aches, Headache, Loss of taste, Sore throat, Congestion, Nausea or Diarrhea.


    For contact tracing purposes mandatory student attendance will be tracked, students may travel in small groups for practice routines as another measure of contact tracing.


    Middletown Country Club Covid-19 Guidelines

    1. Golfers must follow CDC recommended social distancing rules, including maintaining a minimum distance of six feet away from all other people.
    2. Golfers are notpermitted to congregate in the parking lot, outside the entrance to the clubhouse facility, outside of the Pro Shop, or in other areas of the country club grounds and facilities.
    3. Guests are required to wear masks when entering the clubhouse, Golf Shop, or at the halfway house.  No more than 2 guests are permitted in the Pro Shop at a time. Guests are to remain a minimum distance of 6 feet apart.
    4. Only two people at a time are permitted in the restroom.
    1. When golfing, flagsticks are not to be touched or removed.  Foam swimming “noodles” have been inserted into the cups so that you can remove your ball easily from the hole.
    2. Ball washers and water coolers are not available on the golf course.
    3. Rakes have been removed from the bunkers.  Golfers should use their shoes or a club to smooth the sand (to the extent reasonable).
    4. When golfers are finished their round, they should return to their vehicle in a timely fashion and leave the property.
    5. The practice green is now open to the group prior to their tee time. Only four players are permitted on the green at any one time.