• Academic Enrichment (AE)


     Neshaminy School District recognizes the unique abilities of intellectually gifted students and strives to meet their individual needs. Based on multiple criteria, students with outstanding intellectual ability and creativity and the need for a specialized educational experience are identified to participate in the AE program. AE classes provide opportunities to promote the growth of skills and knowledge necessary for gifted students to achieve their potential and to fulfill their future roles in our ever-changing global society.

    To provide for the interests, abilities, and needs of our gifted students, the AE program offers enhancements of curriculum content, instructional methods, student assignments, and learning environments essential to differentiated instruction. The AE teachers are committed to their gifted students, but the responsibility for educating gifted students is shared by all the students' teachers, the students' parents and the students themselves.

    Below are a list of instructional technology resources that are currently being used in our Academic Enrichment curriculum. Click on the link or picture to navigate to these resources. A brief summary is provided as it relates to our curriculum and its benefit to students. 

    Glogster EDU is a platform for the creative expression of knowledge and skills in the classroom. Glogster EDU empower educators and students with the technology to create GLOGS, online multimedia posters with text, photos, videos, graphics, audio, drawings, data attachments, and more. Glogs are the green alternative to paper posters.


    Edmodo is a free and secure social learning network for teachers, students and schools. Edmodo provides classrooms with a safe and easy way to connect and collaborate, offering a real-time platform to exchange ideas, share content, and access homework. Edmodo is accessible online and from any mobile device.  


    Diigo is pronounced as "Dee'go". The name "Diigo" is an abbreviation for "Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other material." Diigo is two services in one; a research and collaborative research tool that provides knowledge-sharing within groups.  With Diigo, students can highlight as you would in a book, place sticky notes, and annotate pages on any online webpage, and save bookmarks online.


    Word Book Encyclopedia is published in electronic form for Microsoft Windows and Apple's Mac OS X. Electronic editions contain the entire text of the 22-volume World Book Encyclopedia, plus illustrations, video clips, 3D panoramic views, and sounds. The articles bring together a complete story, multimedia content, an article outline, research aids and links to related information. Online updates to articles and Month in Brief time browser. Three versions are available through our online District Subscription: World Book Discover, World Book Advance, and World Book Student.


    Marshall Cavendish is a leading North American publisher of nonfiction series, children's books, illustrated encyclopedieas, and digital resources. The publisher specializes in visually appealing and authoritative nonfiction series, the titles offer a wide range of topics to support the curriculum and to encourage lifelong learning. Marchall Cavendish also offers eBooks that are searchable digital books that include the full text and illustrations of select Marshall Cavendish Benchmark, Reference, and Children titles.


    BibMe is an automatic citation creator that supports MLA, APA, Chicago, and Turabian formatting. BibMe leverages extrenal databases to quickly fill citation information for you. BibMe will then format the citation information and compile a bibliography according to the guidelines of the style manuals. If you prefer, you can enter your citation information manually. BibMe also features a citation guide that provides students with the style manuals' guidelines for citing references.