Assistant to the Superintendent / Director of Pupil Services
    FAX: 215-809-6579 
    Paul Mahoney    Pupil Services  Email  215-809-6549
    Amy Petrillo  Special Education:  Elementary Programming  Email  215-809-6586
    John Iannacone Special Education:  Middle School Programming  Email  215-809-6587
    Lorraine Johnson 
    Special Education:  High School Programming
     Email  215-809-6585
    Office Staff
     Katie Kane Pupil Services Secretary / Child Accounting  Email 215-809-6588 
     Christie Headley Elementary School Special Education Secretary Email 215-809-6586
     Michelle Mackay Middle / High School Special Education Secretary Email 215-809-6585
     Esther Hilferty Central Registrar Email 215-809-6547
     Rosemary Begley  Email  215-809-6591 / 6732
     Jennifer Dougherty  Email  215-809-6595
     Tracy Gerhart  Email  215-809-6198
     Greg Kidorf  Email  215-809-6593
     Jennifer Mizak  Email  215-809-6592
     Sarah Napolitan  Email  215-809-6599
     Helen Szodfridt  Email  215-809-6590
     David Makowski  Email  215-809-6594
    Social Workers / Home & School Visitors 
     Barbara Furphy High School  Email  215-809-6662
     Greg Lausch Middle School  Email  215-809-6596
     Carissa Vandersluis Elementary School  Email  215-809-6598
    Please contact Central Registrar at 215-809-6547 with any concerns regarding non-district students attending school within the district or concerns of school age children not attending school.