Bienvenidos a la clase de Español
     5 AP 
    Our  Spanish 5 and Spanish 5 AP Language and Culture course is a rigorous course taught exclusively in Spanish that  requires students to improve their proficiency across the three modes of communication: interpretive, interpersonal,and  presentational.  The course focuses on the integration of authentic resources including online print, audio, and audiovisual resources, as well as traditional print resources that include literature, essays, and magazine and newspaper/ media articles with the goal of providing a rich, diverse learning experience. Students communicate using rich, advanced vocabulary and linguistic structures as they build proficiency in all modes of communication toward the pre-advanced level.


    ·        Objectives
    Students will be able to:

    - Listen attentively to recognize major points of emphasis by identifying facts, details, logical sequences, and other literal contents.
    - Use appropriate delivery techniques for oral presentations.
    - Read, compare, contrast, and evaluate literary genres such as narration, lyrics, drama, and novel.
    - Discuss various literary devices and their importance in the development of a work.
    - Identify specific techniques used by authors to develop themes such as: figurative language, word choice, organizational patterns, etc.
    - Formulate and answer questions about literal or inferred meanings.
    - Read additional literary selections to enrich his/her understanding, and develops the habit of reading as a life-long activity.
    - Respond directly and efficiently to a prompt in a timed writing and timed speech.
    - Research and discuss aspects of the culture of the different Spanish speaking countries such as the arts, literature and socio-political issues.
    -Prepare themselves to demonstrate their  level of Spanish proficiency across three communicative modes: interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational.

    - Develop language proficiency and confidence through the exploration of the following themes:



         Global challenges                          Science and technology 
                Contemporary life                          Personal and public identities 
    Families and communities             Beauty and aesthetics




    The course isdivided into thematic units which are further based on recommended contexts and guided by essential questions. Corresponding cultural elements are integrated into the study of the units, and activities are directed with those cultural connections in mind. Discussion of the topics completely in Spanish is a requirement for this course.  It is assumed that students have previously been exposed to advanced language structures in the courses leading up to the Spanish 5 and Spanish 5 AP Language and Culture course; however, review of the mechanics isdone within the contextul framework of each unit as needed.


    Activities may begin as teacher-led discussions but mostly end as studentled discussions.  Students are given the opportunity to offer opinions and support them, ask questions, ask for clarification, and discuss the material with each other in pairs, small groups, and as an entire class.


    Integratedskills:  Most class activities are integrated.

       Example: A lesson may begin with a reading activity in the Interpretive mode, continue with discussion in the Interpersonal mode, add in a listening task in the Interpretive mode, andthen culminate with a Written Presentational activity that integrates thereading, listening, and discussion materials.  Other times the writing isa pre-reading
    activity that prepares students for the reading and discussion. Avariety of strategies and integrated skills are present throughout the course.


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