• Student Assistance Programs - Overview

    SAP and ESAP

    SAP (Neshaminy Student Assistance Team) at the secondary level and ESAP (Neshaminy Elementary Student Assistance Team) at the elementary level provide prevention, intervention and aftercare programming for at risk students. These programs are provided in addition to the regular curriculum offerings presented to all students. The members of each building*s SAP and ESAP team are selected school personnel who have been specially trained to identify and refer at risk students.

    In the secondary schools, at risk students include those who are being negatively affected by academic, behavioral, health, or attendance issues that are interfering with their ability to access their education.  Students may be offered additional in-school services, professional assessments or be referred to appropriate local agencies for assistance. The SAP Team works closely with administration, certified staff and support staff in order to provide at risk students with options for outside services and in-school support. Prevention, intervention and aftercare groups are offered to students who most need them. SAP Team membership consists of at least a school nurse, a guidance counselor, two teachers and an administrator. All secondary schools have a SAP Team in place. The building handbook in each school building lists the SAP Team composition in that building.

    In the elementary schools, at risk students include those whose behavior patterns are predictors of or already inhibit appropriate academic progress and psycho-social growth, including the significance of attendance at school.. Students and parents work closely with the ESAP team in developing strategies designed to enhance the learning and developmental processes. Outside resources are available to augment school services. ESAP also functions as the Child Study Team and is considered the primary avenue of support services, following those offered by the Guidance Counselor. Prevention and intervention groups are offered to students as resources permit. ESAP team membership consists of the guidance counselor, the reading specialist, a primary teacher, an intermediate teacher and an administrator.

    SAP and ESAP also provide faculty inservicing, parent programs and community involvement activities. The concept and function of Neshaminy*s Student Assistance Programs are similar to Employee Assistance

    Programs in business and industry.

    In all cases of a violation of District Policy 510 (Alcohol and Other Drugs) and District Policy 535 (Weapons), referral to SAP or ESAP is automatic. Anyone may refer a student to SAP or ESAP using the appropriate method designed for that purpose. In addition to staff referrals, students frequently self-refer and parents, relatives and friends may refer a student. The privacy and confidentiality of the student is respected and the Neshaminy School District adheres to all Federal and State mandates regarding student rights.

    Daily operations and functions of both SAP and ESAP are handled by the District Coordinator of Student Assistance . Administrative direction of the programs are under the auspices of the Office of the Superintendent and the Director of Secondary and Elementary Education.
    District Coordinator

    The District Coordinator is responsible for the development and coordination of programs to help identify at risk students and for implementing prevention, intervention and aftercare programs through student assistance. SAP (Neshaminy Student Assistance Program) is specifically designed for secondary students; ESAP (Neshaminy Elementary Student Assistance Program) is specifically designed for elementary students.