• First Meeting Flyer PODCASTING CLUB

     Advisor:  Mr. Luongo Email: dluongo@neshaminy.org
     Meeting Dates & Times: Wednesdays after school (2:15 to 4:00)
     Place: G209 or G202
    Join the Club Link: Link

    Are you a podcast fan? Would you like to make your own here at Neshaminy? Join us in G209 on Wednesdays! Learn how to create, record, and distribute original podcasts.

    Already know how? Then join us and help create a Neshaminy podcast community! No experience required. 

    The club is for students of Neshaminy interested in learning how to create, record, and distribute podcasts of various genres. All members will help manage Neshaminy High School’s podcast feed by developing, producing, recording, and updating the feed with more content. 

    Students will learn about the ideation, marketing process, production, and distribution of original podcasts by getting hands-on experience creating them for the school. 

    Contact Mr. Luongo for more details.