• BucRead  
     Advisors:  Ms. Drake 
                   Mr. Luongo  dluongo@neshaminy.org
    Place:   Room G213

    The Reading Olympics gives students a chance to enjoy the excitement of reading and talking about books.   Each team consists of 8 to 14 students who agree to read 3-4 titles from a list of 45 books appropriate for their age and reading level. The book lists includes the classics as well as modern fiction and non-fiction texts. The team format encourages students to share the enjoyment of reading the selection of books with their friends.  Every spring, the Reading Olympics teams engage in a county-wide competition.  During the competition, all teams participate in three rounds of questioning. At the culmination of the event, students receive a ribbon, determined by the number of points earned in each round.                                                            Adapted from http://www3.bucksiu.org
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    Reading Olympics