• Suggested Websites for Elementary Students


    American Bison

    Links to other animals a to z. Teacher activities, endangered animals of the wild here at the Oakland Zoo.

    American Buffalo

    Threats to killing grounds to breeding grounds.

    Plants and Environment

    This web site is about plants. You will learn about how plants grow and the different parts of a plant. We will tell you how seeds travel and what bees do to help plants. You will also learn about plants and their relationship with animals.

    Zoom School

    Zoom School is an on-line elementary school classroom with lessons in geography, biology, language arts, and early childhood activities.

    National Wildlife Federation

    National Wildlife Federation

    Athena Earth & Space Science

    Follow the links to information about space, weather, earth, and oceans. Look for instructional materials and resources.

    Birds of North America

    Resource site for Birds of North America

    Earth Day Network

    Earth Day activity and project ideas.


    At Earthwatch find satellite photos of current weather conditions, storm watch reports, and National Weather Service updates. Earthwatch WeatherFlight lets you take a virtual reality ride through current weather from a Space Shuttle.


    Recycling activities; Environmental Science; These activities help kids learn about solid waste. Make Paper from Paper, Compost, and Plants from Trash.

    Electric Zoo

    The Electronic Zoo provides a limitless database of information for about every animal you can imagine! Click on Reptiles or Amphibians for lists of links to museums, universities, and organizations around the world.

    Entomology for Beginners

    This site is ideal for the beginner. To explore insect anatomy, simply click on a part of the bug graphic to find illustrated descriptions of the mouth, antennae, wings, abdomen, thorax, and legs.

    Journey North

    This project presents methods to track bird and butterfly migrations, reports migration progress with the latest migration maps, gives weather forecasts for migrating birds, and provides classroom lessons for tracking migrations.

    Science Museum of Minnesota

    The Science Museum of Minnesota presents information about migration and migration destinations. View a butterfly gallery and read stories about Monarchs from students, teachers, and families. There are also activities.


    Click on Wendell’s Bug World for bug research. In Bug World, look for roach anatomy, amazing roach facts, helpful hints on roach removal and the roach quiz. In Worm World, read about worm recycling and worm keepers.

    The Weather Unit

    This rich, cross-curricular unit provides a long-term project ideal for whole language teaching of weather-related concepts.

    NASA Quest

    NASA Quest Challenges are FREE Web-based, interactive explorations designed to engage students in authentic scientific and engineering processes. The solutions relate to issues encountered daily by NASA personnel.