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Suggested Websites for Elementary Students

Social Studies

Betsy Ross Homepage

Links to the story of Betsy Ross's life, flag trivia, picture gallery and FAQs are available at this site. Find directions on how to cut a five-pointed star in one snip!


Wondering where Namibia is? Want to locate Chile? Need a map of Africa? Try this online atlas. It also provides some information about most of the countries

Yellowstone National Park

Take a tour of Yellowstone Park. Pictures, maps, and sounds will make you feel as though you are there in person. Send email queries to park officials. Be sure to check out the great bear stories and humor pages.

Pottery Project

The Pottery Project requires students to copy and paste a pottery shape and a shard into a paint document. When the shard is in the desired place, use the paint tools to complete the design across the entire pottery shape.